‘Volkswagen Up!’ will not be launched in India as expected


As per the automobile sources, ‘Volkswagen Up!’ which is an entry-level hatchback from Volkswagen will not be launched in India owing to a hike in prices. Volkswagen, at first, announced the launch of its most awaited hatchback in the Indian automobile market, according to some sources. But, now, the company has postponed its strategy of launching the “Volkswagen Up!” in the market.

Owing to a lot of rising in prices in manufacturing the product “Up”, Volkswagen is more likely to postpone the release of its hatchback in the Indian automobile market. The expenditure which to produce or manufacturing the car is going high day after day which also results in an increase in the price tag of the Volkswagen Up.

And so, the company also foresaw the competition in the hatchback segment with many cars luring the customers with attractive price tags. Volkswagen Up! may have to owe to high costs and may also lag behind Renault Kwid, Maruthi Suzuki Ignis in the segment. Hence, the company thought of postponing the launch of Up!.

Popular automobile source Autocar India reported that Volkswagen had earlier tied up with European carmakers to design the interior and the exterior of the car. This indeed will make a lot of expenditure in building up the product. The European car designers may also build the car keeping in mind the people or customers of the European countries.

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Autocar India also opined that the company may have thought that the Volkswagen company officials dropped down their decision to release the car as it makes no sense in introducing a high budget car in a very competitive Indian automobile market.



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