Home Remedies for Hair Fall (Loss) and Premature Grey Hair Treatment


Hair Loss is the most common problem today for everyone. Most men experience hair loss as they get older but these days they are experiencing in their 20’s and 30’s. Hair Loss occurs when something stops growing it. Today we are going to talk about hair. Young people are constantly complaining these days about their hair turning grey. And what’s the reason for our hair turning grey? hair fall or weak hair is a different thing altogether. But they are clueless as to why their hair is turning grey at such an early age and they wonder what to do.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall (Loss) and Premature Grey Hair Treatment

Home Remedies for Hair Fall (Loss) and Premature Grey Hair Treatment

The reason behind this is, constant stress and depression gets mounted within you. The three factors that affect you are stress, depression and anxiety. Once the level of depression arises then, automatically your hair starts getting greyed. Depression does not arise due to eating habits only. It’s also because of tension.

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An individual has nice black hair but suddenly he loses his son and within a month his hair turns grey.

This happens mostly because of the sudden event that has bought depression to his life.

Steps to Avoid Hair Fall

Thus there is a certain level of chemical imbalance in his body and this leads to hair turning grey. Even his beard starts getting greyed. That’s not his age for his hair to turn grey But at a tender age of 30 to 32 this arises. So we have to control our emotions as well.

Some people are careless about their hair getting grey as they know it can be dyed.

Colouring your hair is a trend these days.

You can colour your hair but it can be done in a natural way as well.

There are some natural techniques.

Natural Home Remedy Procedure

You have to apply dye then, try an ayurvedic hair dye. If you have an iron vessel then, put some Mehendi in it and add 2 spoons of amla, rita and shikakay.

All of these are ayurvedic powders and are easily available in the market.

Squeeze and add an entire juice of lime. Now let this mixture rest overnight in that iron vessel along with water. In this ayurvedic Mehendi, if you add tea powder then, this will get you this gloss and shine to your hair.

If you want to use this as a conditioner. It’s only for those who want to.

You can add an egg to it. Only for those who want softness in their hair.

You can even add curds as a substitute to eggs for the conditioner.

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If you combine all of these mixtures together and then let it rest overnight in an iron vessel.

Now this Mehendi will change its colour to pitch black. You then have to use gloves and apply that mehndi to your hair.

If the colour comes in contact with your skin it wont fade off for a few days, as its a pretty strong colour. This is one dye that won’t have any side effects on your hair.

Dyes from the market contain a lot of chemicals, that weaken your hair and leads to hair fall as well.

How to Blacken Hair Color

The best remedy to blacken your hair is the accu-pressure method. You can practice this anytime in the train or while talking.

If you practice this for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning, evening or afternoon. While watching any TV show or at the theatre. Just practice this for a while.

Get habituated to this practice for a while.

Your hair will turn black and you will get this thick growth as well.

If you have a lot of hair fall or even if your bald. Use this method and you will get good hair growth.

Even if a 60 to 70-year-oldman practices this then, black hair will emerge on his scalp and not white.

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But for that you have to put in some effort and practice it willingly. Practice this fervently and with all your heart and if possible practice some meditation. Visualize the effects of the Mehendi once, by looking at the mixture before applying it.

If you inculcate the conception ie by applying this mehendi my hair will turn black and thick as well. Then believe you me, Those vibrations will enhance your hair.

There are the natural home remedies to avoid hair fall and blacken hair color. Please share your thoughts on the same. If you have any suggestion please comment below.



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