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Moto M is a latest Android Smartphone from Moto, sports 5.5″ display, and 3GB of RAM. The Moto M is the first all-metal unibody device from the Moto stable. This makes the phone look really premium and it does feel great to hold in the hand this is a very common design off late the antenna bands on the top and the bottom the all-gold back and the front, very reminiscent of most of the budget phones out there. Check out our complete Moto M review, pros and cons.

Moto M Phone Specifications and Features

Moto M Look and Design

moto m review pros and cons, moto m look and design and specifications

The phone design is curved. It is 9 mm thickness and does make it easy to hold the device in hand. The thin bezels give it a screen to body ratio of 73.1% which is the same as the OnePlus 3. The Moto M isn’t very slippery but it’s always advisable to have a case attached. Chamfered edges on the sides add to the aesthetics of the device as well overall the phone in terms of design is very appealing, its premium and pleasing to the eye.

Moto M Review

The review is divided in to

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint scanner is on the back which used to be the place for the Moto dimple, that we all loved. I like this more than the recent Moto phone designs which had a square fingerprint scanner on the front. The fingerprint scanner is very easy to setup but there’s a wake up delay while trying to unlock the device. This seems like a software glitch and Moto should probably fix it in the future updates.


The display is a 5.5 inch IPS LCD display with the full HD resolution. The pixel density is 401 pixels per inch which makes the text look crisp. The Moto M display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass but the version is unknown its vibrant with good amount of saturation, good viewing angles and pretty bright.

The display is exceptionally good and really doesn’t feel like a display of mid-range device. The outdoor visibility of the device is also on par with most good displays out there. Being an AmoLED user for over four years now, I have no complaints with this display.

Android OS

moto m review box view

Moto M comes with Android 6.0 out of the box, but Lenovo has promised to upgrade to 7.0 soon. The phone does not have any of the Moto features like the Moto assist, Moto display and so on. Not seeing those on this device was a huge disappointment.

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And, In case Lenovo plans to not have any of these features going forward in the upcoming Moto devices!! Moto will just be another phone brand and have nothing unique. The OS like always is completely stock with hardly any customizations.

Nonetheless, the software is really stable, it’s super snappy, responsive and we didn’t notice any hiccups in the last 10 years of my usage.


The phone comes with a MediaTek Helio P15 processor. The P15 gets a score of 54,000 on Antutu, the Redmi Note 3 gets a better score than Moto M the only thing that works in Moto M’s favor is the stock android. The Nougat update is going to be out soon and this will make the whole experience even better.

It has 3GB of RAM. At an average it has 800 MB to 1.2 GB of RAM available with that, multitasking was a breeze it was able to keep most apps and memory except occasionally reloads of the games which is acceptable.


In terms of gaming low and mid graphics games like Pokemon Go Clash of Clans, Angry Birds 2 work flawlessly. But, high graphic intensive games like the Asphalt 8 is very laggy. Putting the game in low graphics was better and was very much playable.

Nova 3 and unkilled work great on the device so the gaming performance was good from a mid-range device standpoint.


The phone did heat up a bit during gaming but it was not unbearably hot. The overall performance is better.

Battery Life

The Battery life with screen on time got every time was about three and a half hours to 4 hours, this was with auto-brightness turned on, occasional gaming two sims with 4g LTE on the go and WiFi. 4 hours of screen on time is okish for today’s time and age.

The charger even though Moto calls it rapid charger takes about two hours for the full charge I don’t know why Moto calls its rapid charging and who are they lying to.

This is by far the worst thing about this phone and they really should have given a turbocharger.

Calls and Network

The most important reason for having phone is to make for calls, the quality on this phone was really good, i didn’t really have any call drops and the proximity sensor works the way it’s supposed to no unnecessary wake-ups or any issues that I faced during the time I was using the phone let’s get to the camera, the camera app is very simple to use all the options are easily reachable.

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It doesn’t have auto HDR but you get a manual mode or pro mode which you can use to click pictures. The focus is slow as it does not have laser autofocus. The photo quality using the 16-megapixel rear shooter during daylight was actually good. Color reproduction, detail, exposure and sharpness was spot on. But, it’s a completely different story when you in low-light the colors are far from being accurate.

You can shoot 1080p videos using the camera.

The video quality was acceptable the phone does not have optical image stabilization so you will need steady hands to take a video all-in-all camera is not the strongest points of the phone but can do a fairly decent job with occasional photos and selfies.

Moto can fix the color production issue in the future update this is the first phone from Moto to have the Dolby atmos audio.


The phone has a single speaker on the right side and it’s quite loud the audio quality was good. Doesn’t distort in full volume and has a good thump to it I was pretty happy with the quality and occasional streaming on the device and the speakers didn’t make me wish for more the Dolby Atmos audio enhancement doesn’t make a lot of different when you’re listening to music using a speaker.

But when you do attach your earphones and listen to music it does make a huge difference and highly recommend you do your own settings based on the earphones and the kind of music you listen to just have a look at the accessories in the box the charger and cable are really good quality.

The earphones are below average you can use it for calling but definitely not meant for music the case is a pretty decent job of protecting your phone from scratches but it’s nowhere close to protect your phone from falls.

I recommend this device but only if you’re going for the 32GB storage model, if you’re going to the 4 GB model, 18k price bracket would not be justified for this phone.

Reviewed by: Rahul Reddy (FactsKeeper Team)

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