LG G watch Style Review | Check Specs, Features and our review


Android Wears are the Gadgets that are in vigour from last year. LG has been releasing a wide range of Smartwatches. Last year, the company has released LG G Watch and G Watch R. Now, the company in 2017 has released two variants, G Watch Style and G Watch Sport. The main point to a smartwatch is to be fashion-forward or because people want all of the functionality of a smartphone on my wrist. Unfortunately, that’s a question that the LG watch style although stylish in its own right fails to answer. Read the LG G Watch Style specifications and review before buying the Android smartwatch.

LG G watch Style Review | Check Specs, Features and our review

lg g watch style review

The watch style is built in part with Google. This one isn’t as bulky or feature-filled as its counterpart. However, the G Watch style is built to look good though that comes at the expense of a few other things.

Let’s talk about what the LG watch style doesn’t have. It has a 1.2 inch LED display. It does not pick up entire risk. It has genuine leather watch straps which you can easily swap out as you please. It is IP67 rated, so you can go near the water.

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It looks really good on your wrist. You can wear it with anything. You just can’t wear it to everything unlike to watch sport the watch style does not have a heart rate monitor or a barometer. It’s not actually fit for physical activity. It doesn’t have NFC either so that kneecap a trick that Android wear can do that doesn’t make this year.

lg g watch style specifications price and release date

There are a few design works that Mabel you to like the scrolling crown button which sticks out on the slide at the chappie. It’s easy to interact with the interface scrolling mechanism so smooth but it can feel pokey when you’re loosely wearing the watch at the very least.

The watch style comes with all the delight of Android wear. It’s buffy vertical scrolling. The new watch cases with programmable indicators. Of course, the watch style also has Google assistant. It’s a little better on other devices and a text message still wears a cap

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The interface is intuitive and easy to pick up. You don’t really have to use it to navigate the interface. Perhaps the most confusing part of using Android wear is figuring out whether the apps you want are actually installed android wear deploy knows change things.

Overall the LG watch style is one of the first android wear smartwatches. It doesn’t  feel like it’s taking up the entire wrist or like it has to be this clean. It doesn’t feel like the world my dreams either but it’s still a good sign what Android wear has on the horizon. We just really hope that next time they consider NFC.


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