BalaKrishna increases remuneration for next movie with Puri Jagannath


Telugu top Director Puri Jagannath making a new movie with Telugu Actor NataRatna Bala Krishna. This movie is BalaKrishna’s 101st film. From this movie, Balakrishna, increases his remuneration to Rs 10 crores. He got high market value from GautamiPutra ShataKarni movie. This movie has joined in Rs 50 crores club. Prior this movie Balakrishna takes Rs 7 Crores for every movie. Now he has changed remuneration value from Rs 7 to 10cr. Present Balakrishna working under Puri Jagannath Direction.

BalaKrishna increases remuneration for next movie with Puri Jagannath

The director Puri Jagannath is the fastest movie maker in Telugu industry. He takes five or six months to complete one movie. Director Puri planning to complete this movie in five to six months only.

Director Puri Jagannath till now hasn’t revealed the movie actress heroine name. The Director has kept suspense to their audience and Balakrishnan’s fans. Now this movie is going in Balakrishnan’s life 101st movie. Balayya is taking this movie valuable and prestigious in his film life.

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Balakrishnan’s Gautamiputra Satakarni movie has become a very successful hit in Telugu industry. For the first-time Balakrishna is working with Puri Jagannath. This is another star combination Telugu film industry. Telugu industry audience expecting their combination to success. Now this combination new to Telugu industry.


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