Cab services are lower than Uber and Ola: Sewa Cabs


A cab driver from Delhi started a Sewa Cabs to provide cab services for the most affordable prices. These cab services have already started full-length. The rival Ola and Uber, which rules the cab services market nationwide, is in stark competition.

Sewa cab services began on May 19, 2017. Charging only Rs. 5 per kilometer, the Sewa cab is lower than the price paid to Ola and Uber per kilometer.

After working for Ola and Uber, the drivers were protesting for their earnings and the bonuses that were legally required. Sewa cab services were set up to compete with their own knowledge.

Sewa cab services have recently begun. And they are only running in few places in Delhi. Sewa cab mobile application has already been downloaded by many people.

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Customers will need to download this Sewa cab application and register with e-mail and mobile number. There are two variants in this app, echo and alpha.

In terms of Sewa cab charges, two variants, base fair 40 rupees and for waiting time per minute 1.50rs. Rs. 5 in echo per kilometer and there is a fair value of Rs. 6 in alpha.

The sewa cab can be parked anywhere on the road and can ride. The Ola and Uber style certainly does not have to be booked by app. Customer number says to cab driver by the end of the ride it shows the total fair amount.


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