Another safety feature in TVS Scooters…


Braking is one of the most crucial systems in two wheelers. The TVS has done many studies to make braking capacity more secure and comfortable. For this, the TVS Engineering team, along with customers’ opinions, has also created the Sync Braking System (SBS).

One of the innovations to improve braking technology is the Combi Braking System (CBS), whereas any brake is applied before or behind the braking force of two wheels will be equal.

By braking force on a single wheel we can see that skidding and bike jerks are happen. But if the brake force is pressed by the Sync Braking System, the braking force is equal and better on two wheels.

Even though a single brake lever is pressed, the multiplayer system in which the braking power will be help the  equipped force equal with two wheels. Force Loss does not occur in this process.

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The TVS has introduced the Sync Braking System on their scooters, will also increasing the lifespan of the tire and the breakage of the breakers. It adds in addition to existing security features.

The Sync Braking System and the Combi Braking System are both the same. Pressing a single brake lever the Brake power equivalent systems for both wheels is called Combi Braking System. But TVS calls it a Sync Braking System.


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