World Olympic Day A Largest Sports Events


The National Olympian Associations, their member Olympians and the Peoples of world celebrating 123rd world Olympic Day across the world,

The world Olympic Committee was established in 1894. World Olympic Day is global celebration of the founding of the International Olympic Committee and the modern Olympic Movement.  Olympic Day is larger than any sports event in the world.

World Olympic Day A Largest Sports Events

World Olympic Day A Largest Sports Events

This is the Day for peoples to be active, to be smart. So the world is celebrating world Olympic day today. Olympic Day today is celebrated with the support of Olympians include multi-sports demonstration and 5 km run in Portugal with legendary Olympic marathon.

The World Olympic Association (WOA) is very happy to help to organize Olympic games by WOA so the WOA can host the many festivals and many occasions and can verify that the WOA had increased the Olympic Games organization. Friendship and respect to all the organizations that is related to World Olympic Association. Today’s 123rd Anniversary of World Olympic Day will see also National Olympic Committee and International Federations form across five continents join Olympians. The world Olympic Day emphasis the place sport has in society and how sport can assist communities.

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World Olympic Day Celebration Today members of the world are invited to capture highlights and sharing of photos of their involvement. The event organizer committee invites youths and adults like to get active not just on Olympic day but throughout the month of June.

The World Olympic Day is the program that spread the enthusiasm, Physical Fitness and many Physical abilities in youth as well as in adults. So the World Olympic Day should be celebrated happily and with enthusiasm. World Olympic Day is the function for Players. In the world there is many functions are organized at many places by peoples.


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