GST Positive Effect on Cars, SUVs and Bikes, these get cheaper


We know that one Nation, one Tax plan (GST) applied from 1st July 2017 in India. One Tax, One Nation plan that is called GST.

GST will effects positively on Cars, SUVs, and Bikes. The prices of popular cars and motorcycles come down from 1st July when GST applied. However, hybrids and bigger bikes with engines above 350cc become expensive.

GST Positive Effect on Cars, SUVs, and Bikes, these get cheaper

GST Positive Effect on Cars, SUVs and Bikes, these get cheaper

Many Companies updated their software and announcing the new prices from today Saturday. But some companies will keep the secret until Monday. These companies updated new prices in their software and will announce the new prices on Monday. GST will also effect on manufacturing and supply value chain, including parts providers and margins of dealers.

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Prices of Larger SUVs and Sedans will cut down maximum. For example, the Mercedes GLS350 SUV will be cheaper by Rs 3 lakh and Hyundai’s Creta is expected to see the drop between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 60,000.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s senior VP, sales, and marketing Y S Guleria said that the “There will be no billing from the dealership on Saturday and Sunday and commercial transactions will not be carried out”.

Hyundai official said that “The prices are still being worked out, but we have already assured customers that even if they buy in the pre-GST regime, the prices will be protected. Any change in prices, if it works in the customer’s favor, will be adequately taken care off”.

As information provided by Toyota India is that price of the Fortuner SUV will come down by Rs. 2.1 lakh on account on account of lower GST rates. On another hand, the Innova, the multi-purpose will be cheaper by Rs. 90,000. “We will be passing on the price benefit to the market. However, on the Camry hybrid, the price will go up”.


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