Kapil Sharma Offended with Navjot Singh Sidhu here is what Archana Said


The very well known comedy king Kapil Sharma who runs “the Kapil Sharma Show” may be spreading the smiles all over the world among the public but he often found himself under the cloud of controversy, firstly he was in controversy with Sunil Grover and later on with Navjot Singh Sidhu. The makers have got the Archana Puran Singh to fill the vacant seats of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Kapil Sharma Offended with Navjot Singh Sidhu here is what Archana Said

Kapil Sharma Offended with Navjot Singh Sidhu here is what Archana Said

Now certain media reports suggested that Navjot was highly offended by this and even had a fight with Kapil. Sources close to the show, however, had a different story to tell. “Sidhu ji was genuinely unwell and Archana was asked to shoot for two episodes with the team. The entire matter has been blown out of proportion. He will be back soon to rock and roll with us,” sources from the show said.

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The source further shared, “Kapil and Sidhu ji are quite close and such things will never crop up between them. Sidhu ji will always wish the best for the show and since he was unwell, the channel suggested to get Archana on board. Kapil, Archana and Sony have had a long association, and she readily agreed to shoot with us. In the entire industry, if anyone can compete with Sidhu ji’s laughter, it’s definitely Archana. She fits the bill completely. It was really sweet of her to join us in the last minute and like always, she added a lot of cheerfulness and positivity in the team. And now that Sidhu ji is hale and hearty he will be back on the show.”

Archana in a statement said, “It feels weird sitting on Sidhu ji’s chair as we all are so used to him seeing on this throne. Kapil called me the same day of the shoot and I couldn’t say no to an old friend as we go back a long way. I’m here only for a few episodes, once Sidhu ji is fit and fine, he will take over his throne. I will miss the show when Sidhu ji comes back and I’ll be always waiting for Kapil to call me to come again on this show.”


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