Here is how to link Aadhar with Mobile Number


The Supreme Court of India has decided to link all the mobile number with the Aadhar Card of their owner. The process of linking the Aadhar with mobile number has been organised to find the whether the user is fake or original. The court has ordered to deactivate all the mobile numbers which are not linked to Aadhar by February 2018.

Here is how to link Aadhar with Mobile Number

Here is how to link Aadhar with Mobile Number

All the telecom companies of India were instructed to link the Aadhar with Mobile Number since March 2017. It is mandatory for everyone to link their mobile phone with the Aadhar Card otherwise there mobile number will be deactivated.

Users who have not linked their mobile numbers with the Aadhar Card will have to first link the mobile number because the One Time Password that will generate to link the other SIM will be sent to the linked mobile Number only.

  • In the very first step go to the nearby Aadhar Centre and get a form for the correction/update in the Aadhar Card.
  • Submit it to the centre authorised person and mention that only the mobile number has to be updated.
  • While submitting the update form, the candidate has to attach the photocopy of Aadhar Card along with any other Identity proof authorised by the government of India.
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Now since you have update your mobile number with the Aadhar so now you have to link your Mobile Number with the Aadhar, here are the steps which you need to follow.

Candidates do remember that if they have gone through the process of verification of ekyc Biometric process while purchasing the new mobile number than they need not worry because they need not to go through the process.

  • Subscribers will have to carry an external document other than their phone number and aadhar number to the subscribers’ store.
  • The buyer will have to complete the biometric verification.
  • Biometric process is a type of verification through which the user’s identification is verified via the fingerprints and many other methods.
  • The candidates will receive a verification code at the mobile after the initialization of the process.


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