Kingsman- the Golden Circle Review


The Sequel of “Kingsman-The Secret Service” is going to be launched on September 22nd which has been dubbed as “Kingsman- the Golden Circle “The equally R rated movie is slightly harder sell. Similar to the trajectory of Bond films, it is a bigger, less focused, follows up, without the first film’s originality.

Kingsman- the Golden Circle Review

Kingsman- the Golden Circle Review

The first Kingsman film ends with a planet-scale mass murder and death of the most world leaders, but don’t think about that too much, The sequel picks up an intermediate amount of time later, where the spy is working as dual life apart from the regular life he is working as Kingsman Secret Spy as well as the working class –sacker. He is dating the rescued princess Tilde, and he is close friend with fellow agent Roxy and the Kingsman technical genius Merlin. They all three are perfect in their works as Kingsman agent.

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The Golden Circle is a spy comedy, but it’s less self-consciously periodic than The Secret Service. The only really compelling character in The Goleden Ciircle , though, is Eggsy’s mentor Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who was murdered onscreen in The Secret Service, but resuscitated by the Statesmen. (His return is an early twist, but since Firth is featured on posters, it’s not much of a surprise.) Eggsy quickly snaps Hart out of some headshot-induced amnesia, but he’s a shadow of his former super-spy self, forced to reconcile his suave confidence with his mental and physical deterioration. Like most plot points in Kingsman, Hart’s struggle lurches abruptly between being tragic, comic, and altogether discarded. But it draws on relatably human fears — of aging, regretting life choices, and disappointing the people who look up to you.

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Since the movie is going to be launch and hence it is creating a too much noise in the public and the anticipation has been increasing as the days are passes.


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