Shami’s Kin Reach Out To His Wife for Out of Court Settlement


Shami’s Relatives are trying to settle outside the court:- From few days the one news is breaking the internet and the whole social media about the fight of the Indian Cricket fast bowler Mohammad Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. The Hasin Jahan is accusing her husband for having extra marital affairs with different girls. She is also leaking the whatsapp chat screen shot online of her husband and various girls.

The pace bowler is seeing denying all the accusation from his wife. In the latest update the lawyer of the Hasin Jahan lawyer Zakir Hussain on Sunday in a bid to broker an out-of-court settlement. Even though Hussain is saying that this is not confirmed as the talks are still going on within both the families and adding that Shami’s relatives were at the same time in consultation with Kolkata-based criminal lawyers.

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Shami’s Kin Reach Out To His Wife for Out of Court Settlement:-

After contacted with Hasin Jahan confirmed this development, saying: “They have spoken to my lawyer. There will also having same response from Mohammad Shami is that nothing is better than resolving the issuing with the personally talking. He also added that patch up will be only the final solution for them and their daughter’s future. Hasin, however, made it clear that she was circumspect about such moves by Shami and his relatives. She also added that – Before lodging the FIR she had made several call to the Shami and his family but she had not get any response from them.

Hasin Jahan says that – After this entire incident she was still trying to give this relation a one more chance for the betterment of their daughter. Before posting the screen shots she even tried to call Shami but he didn’t answered. She also said – “If this matter can be solved by talking, nothing can be better than that. Only a patch up will do good for us and our daughter”.


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