Ramadan And The Role Of The Crescent Moon


Ramadan And The Role Of The Crescent Moon : Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims and a major celebration of Muslims. During these 30 days, Muslims refrain to eat food and drink anything at daylight hours.

Ramadan is determined by the cycle of the moon. The moon plays very essential role to find the start date of Ramdan. The crescent moon is also referring as Hilal. The Crescent Moon is mainly responsible to define the start and end date of Islamic month.

Ramadan And The Role Of The Crescent Moon

Ramadan and the role of the crescent moon for Muslims to enjoy it doing fasting for 30 days.  Today it is expected that if the moon is sighted tonight then Ramadan also called as Ramazan will begin from its next day that is 16th May 2018.

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Many of Islamic Festivals are depends on certain dates of certain month like Ramadan 2018 and EID. Muslims see the moon one day before the Eid and decides whether it will be an Eid on next day or not. Eid is celebrated after the holy month of Islam named as Ramadan.

Crescent Moon also helps to find out the start date of Ramdan first day. During this Ramdan month, Muslims fast for everyday from sunrise to sunset. Through this article we are going to dictate you about the importance of the Crescent moon.

Ramadan – A Typical Day

During Ramadan, Muslims are not advised to avoid schools, office and other regular duties due to just they are fasting for 30 days. On the first day of Ramadan, Muslims need to wake up early in the morning and eat their meal called Shergi before sun rising. Few of them also think Ramadan, a method to lose their weight. The dates of Ramadan changes every year but if Ramazan occurs in the winter season, it makes easier to fast every day. Check below and read full article in order to understand the whole procedure of Ramadan and the role of the crescent moon.


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