Barack Obama delivers farewell speech | Live


Barack Obama delivers his final farewell speech. 

More than 20,000 people have attended the McCornick convention center in North America, which is one the best largest convention center. Mr Obama is addressing the people in the convention center after defeatin Mitt Rommney in 2012 elections. 

Vice Presidence Joe Biden, and First lady Michelle Obama all have attended the speech. Mr Obama adds they’ve kept hime honest, they’ve kept hime inspired, they kept hime going. he also adds “Every day I’ve learn from you. You made a better president. You made a better man”

US President Barack Obama is delivering his final farewell speech at his office in Chicago.

Emotions are running high everywhere at the McCromick Convention center in Chicago. It is crowded with Male, female, yound and old, diverse in race and religion. This itself shows the statement of the outgoing President Obama.

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The newly elected Mr Donal Trump will be sworn in to hie new office on 20th Janauary. 

He said instead of delivering speech from White House, he wanted to go back where it all started with the First lady Michelle Obama.

Previewing his speech, Obama wrote in facebook “We’ve made America a better, stronger place for the generations that will follow,”.

He talks about how he has moved to Chicago and the beautines of Constitution and Repiblic. 

Obama says that America is more powerful and stronger than where it was started. He reminds about the lis of achievements from his administration including Gay marriage, kiiling Osama Bin Laden and the Iran deal.

The US is facing tough time with intervention of Russia. Besides showing his concern he was also bit emotional. 

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President Obama leaves is viewed favourably by 57% of Americans, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, a similar level to Bill Clinton when he left office.

Obama was the 44th President of America and the first African-American president of US. The world will always remember Obama for eliminating Osama Bin Laden and ending Iran and Afghan wars.


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