Reduce Diabetes with this home made Ayurvedic remedy


Diseases come suddenly with changes in lifestyle. People who have diabetes, lifestyle changes causes diabetes. Our eating habits also effect our health and cause diseases like Diabetes. We suggest you to check out our article on change food habits and lifestyle to reduce Diabetes. One of the health problems such as diabetes that mainly caused due to Lifestyle and food habits. One must follow some diet tips to reduce diabetes. Be sure to keep control of diabetes due to lifestyle changes.


Reduce Diabetes with this home made Ayurvedic remedy

reduce diabetes with home made ayurvedic remedy in one month

Diabetes is just naturally a lifestyle disorder. So, people suffering from diabetes have to make some change in their lifestyle. Major changes in diet are diabetes diet. Diabetes is the body’s metabolic rate, decrease the production of insulin in the body that influence individual

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Diabetes is the situation where the body’s metabolic rate decreases with this change the production of insulin in the body usually varies. As insulin is not properly absorbed by the body it causes fluctuations in the blood sugar levels.

Steps to reduce Diabetes Naturally

In the body, if blood sugar, blood glucose levels are high then many changes occur in the body as sudden.

Firstly these changes are,

  • changes in urine,
  • urinate often,
  • feels thirst very often,
  • hunger,
  • unexpected weight gain,
  • injuries won’t heal quickly,
  • tiredness like symptoms appear.

So, to get rid of these symptoms of diabetes, eating habits should be changed to healthy. Some habits must be avoided then only diabetes will be controlled.

To reduce the Diabetes in one month, you need to follow this simple Homemade Ayurveda Remedy.

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Materials needed:

  • Lady’s Finger – ½ a cup (chopped)
  • Ginger juice – 2 Tbsp

How to make remedy:

Add the ingredients above mentioned in a mixer grinder. Grind them until it forms a liquid mixture. Add water until required. Filter the liquid with a strainer. It is recommended to take this remedy before breakfast.

This home remedy can be great, also if this remedy is taken daily,  the results will be more effective.

Apart from taking this remedy, follow the fat-free and sugar-free diet. Also, regular exercise will give better results.

The lady’s finger has high fibre, vitamin content which regulates the excess blood sugar levels

Ginger has high poly-phenyls content. It reduces the Body glucose levels. With this, diabetes will get reduced in one month.



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