World Health Day 2017: Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar levels, Diabetes


Diabetes is the sweet enemy for us. Without any symptoms it will initially effect our body. If not taken care, diabetes inadvertently takes out sweetness from out body and gives a bitter life. Diabetes aka Sugar dieseas is the most plague for Indians. Health experts and doctors says that one out of four in India, suffer from diabetes. Unfortunately there is now perfect remedy or medicine to cure diabetes. However diabetes experts says that if people take care proper care of lifestyle and food habits, it won’t cause any effects to us. On this World Health Day, here we share some of the best effective ways to reduce blood sugar levels aka Diabetes.

Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar levels, Diabetes

Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar levels, Diabetes

Nowadays diabetes is described as the common lifestyle disease.

These days, our lifestyle is showing huge impact on our health. Mainly, stress, food habits, insomnia, lack of exercise are also the reasons for cause of diabetes.

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If people take certain precautions keeping in mind about diabetes, this disease can be prevented. Those who are already suffering from Diabetes should follow these steps to reduce diabetes and sugar levels. The most unfortunate thing these days is that, even the new born children are suffering from diabetes.

Check out the steps to control diabetes (Blood Sugar Levels):

  • Drink barley water as a part of regular diet.
  • Regular walk
  • Fenugreek
  • Fruits
  • Gren Vegetables
  • Drink More water
  • Vitamin D
  • Aloe Vera

Drink Barley water as a part of regular diet

The Barely water has high content of fiber in it. This makes feel out stomach full. In the long run, Barley water increases the rate of metabolism which regularizes the levels of glucose.

Regular Walk

Experts advice that diabetes patients walking regularly blood sugar levels regularizes. At the same this can also be prevented. Walking 15 minutes everyday controls the blood sugar levels.

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Fenugreek greatly helps to keep the blood sugar levels in control. Mix one teaspoon powder of FenuGreek in one cup on hot water. Drink this mix everyday which helps the diabetes patients a lot.


Instead of drinking juice, eating fruits directly is healthy for body. Eating fresh fruits keeps the body healthy at the same time controls the blood sugar levels a lot instead of drinking juice. Apple and Orange are to be taken regularly.

Green Vegetables

As starch is absent in all green vegetables, it is helpful to control sugar levels in blood. Green leafs, Cauliflower, Lettuce must be a part of diabetes patients.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water helps in controlling the sugar levels. If water levels decreases in the blood, it increases sugar levels. So, keeping the body hydrated thought out the day, helps in controlling the diabetes.

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Vitamin D

Due to lack of Vitamin D in body, insulin levels increase. With these blood sugar levels increase. So, proper care should be taken care to maintain Vitamin D.

Aloe Vera

Mix aloe vera juice in Turmeric powder and bay leaf. This drink helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. Drinking this mix every night before dinner, benefits everyone a lot.


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