After 30 years, Precautions to be made for growing fat!


Cholesterol is also a source of everyday need for our body’s organs. It involves hormonal production and organ function responsibilities. So, in a way, our body needs some amount of cholesterol. But nowadays after 30 years we have more than cholesterol in our body needs. These high cholesterol levels have a bad effect on our body. It causes heart attack, minor or major stroke and other heart-related diseases.

Therefore, control of cholesterol is very important. After 30 years of age, physical exercise decreases and stress increases. For this reason, after 30 years, the exercise will reduce the physical and the pressure increases. For this reason, there is a high risk of high cholesterol levels.

Over 30 years, high cholesterol levels are increasing by a variety of factors, such as an unbalanced lifestyle, consumption of saturated fats, obesity and family history. Drinking, Smoking is a major factor in the formation of high cholesterol. It is important to track your cholesterol levels after 30 years.

You need to follow some important instructions. If you have cholesterol levels high, then you have to take some major steps to reduce it. Some tips and some effective ways to reduce high cholesterol after 30 years are given below.

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Natural Juice:

Fruits such as orange and cranberry include LDL reducing oxidants, Anthocyanins and flavonoids. These nutrients reduce bad cholesterol and increase blood cholesterol levels. Drinking a glass orange juice everyday can lead to 5-7% cholesterol levels. This is a good method and easy way to reduce cholesterol after 30 years.


Eat Less:

To reduce cholesterol, you need to take a small amount of food and in short intervals. It is very helpful to maintain the LDL levels in the body and balance the cholesterol levels. And in your diet you must add fat-rich foods to your diet. Saturated fats should be avoided by foods that are high.


Brown Food:

A simple way to lower cholesterol after 30 years is to take foods that are made from cereal crops rather than cholesterol. Hence you can reduce bad cholesterol content and reduce carbohydrates in good cholesterol merely digest. Brown bread, brown rice and other whole grains should be included in your diet.

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Healthy oils:

Cholesterol-lowering properties, many oils such as olive oil, rice bran oil and soy oil. Use cholesterol oil in easy way to reduce cholesterol levels after 30 years. This is a simple way to reduce cholesterol levels. When buying oils, cholesterol content and some other details should be identified.


Healthy oats:

Has proven to be helps reduce the level of cholesterol by 10-12% in the body after the use of healthy oats. Oatmeal Breakfast, healthy Breakfast it contains good cholesterol and high energy content. It is advisable to eat bowl of oatmeal every morning to break up cholesterol.


Green tea:

Another easy way to control cholesterol levels is to regularly drink green tea. Flavonides in black tea helps to control cholesterol levels. Also, those with high cholesterol levels are advised to take black tea every night.


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