Leaks confirmed iPhone 8 Design


Apple iPhone 8 is the most anticipated smartphone this year. The company is now changing the iPhone 8. After multiple leaks, its repeated that the iPhone 8 design will look identical to the previous three generations celebrating the 10th anniversary.

Leaks confirmed iPhone 8 Design, Features

A Reddit user has revealed the iPhone 8 new design stating that he got this from a friend in the industry. Have a look at the new look…

iphone 8 design features dual camera

It is perfect and looks same as the previous leak which was also had bezel-less design. The front and rear looks of the phone can be seen above.

Also, the looks of the iPhone 8 case looks similar and exact to the phone design. From the pics, it can be assumed that the newcomer sports a new dual camera.

This vertically aligned dual camera reveals similar to the ambitions of augmented reality off the Apple company, as said in the iOS 11. The phone has a perfect cutout at the top which has camera and sensors in the display area.

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In order to bring wireless charging to this new Apple Phone, the company upgrades the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S chassis to aluminum body. This long awaited feature is exclusive for this new iPhone 8. From the leaks, the iPhone 8 design looks fancy.

In his post, the same Reddit user has stated that some Chinese company’s have got these parts last week. It shows that the company is planning for large scaling for huge production that too before several months before the actual release.

These reveals have created curiosity among Apple fanboys. But it’s until Apple CEO Tim Cooks stands out with the new phone in his hands, the doubt will remain same in everyone;s mind. These leaks have revealed┬áless finer details of the design and features.


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