On 3rd International Yoga Day PM Modi Joined 51000 Yoga enthusiasts


On 3rd International Yoga Day PM Modi joined 51000 Yoga enthusiasts: Pointing out the third international yoga day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh leaded 51,000 yogi participants including dignitaries, politicians and bureaucrats at Ramabhai Ambedkar Sabha Circle, Lucknow.

The first international yoga day was celebrated at Rajpath, New Delhi in 2015 and 35,895 yogis came together in Delhi to make a new Guinness book world record although this time 62,000 people were gathered at different events in Delhi.

On International Yoga Day PM Modi
On International Yoga Day PM Modi

Since after the 11th December 2014 when 21st June was declared as the International Yoga Day, it was the third ceremony of Yoga Day in India. At this commemorative day, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has performed Asanas along with Yogi Adityanath and other fellow participants. Asanas is a type of Yoga where the word Asanas referred to both the place and the posture of performer.

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The security of Prime Minister and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was the talk of the town during the whole event and sufficient amount of black cat commandos as well as para-millitary forces stationed in and around the venue. The venue of event was full of huge LED screens .

Facts on 3rd International Yoga Day

  • The event was organized at the 8 major places of capital including Connaught place, Lodhi Garden, Talkatora garden, Nehru Park etc…
  • The Ayush Ministry released the budget of 25-30 cr for the 3rd international yoga day celebration.
  • 635 districts of India were covered under this budget.
  • 00 a.m. to 7.45 a.m. was the correct time for the initialization of Yoga.
  • 100 yoga parks were planned across the country for the celebration.
  • There were more than 44 million people who took oath to make Yoga as a part of their life.


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