How iPhone changed the landscape of Human Interaction


The iPhone has changed the concept of the phone and helped in building better communication between the human beings.

Who could have believed that the on one day the room-sized computer will be turned out into a pocket-size mobile phone? It’s really very hard to say when exactly the inflection point came. Albeit we can say that the world’s biggest technological industry which was started under a garage changed the landscape of human interaction.

How iPhone changed the landscape of Human Interaction

How iPhone changed the landscape of Human Interaction

It was the iPhone 3G which added the faster internet; it was the iPhone 5 which supported Long Term Evolution (LTE), and it was the iPhone OS 2 which opened up the App Store for developers to create their own communication platform apart from voice calling and SMS.

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It was a slow transition; however, it changed the communication process of human beings by putting the internet at forefront, the iPhone was originally announced on the 29th June 2017,  During the keynote, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs famously faked out the audience by claiming that he would be announcing three revolutionary products, which he quickly revealed to be a single device. The first was “a widescreen iPod with touch controls,” the second “a revolutionary mobile phone” (emphasis mine), and the third “a breakthrough Internet communicator.”

The iPhone version of Safari was found better than the others and apart from the e-mail services iPhone was a quite good looking phone.

It is true that the incredible success of iPhone put the smartphone in people’s bare hand, even 6 out of 10 people are carrying the smartphone in their hand but it was the iPhone which started the trend of smartphones.

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After watching these achievements no one can predict about the upcoming change in technology after 10 years even we can see, what was the communication process 10 years ago and what it is today…?

It was the iPhone which started the trend and holds the place of the most dignified company in the world.


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