Moonsighting For Ramadan 2018 Today Time In India Saudi Arabia


Moonsighting For Ramadan 2018 Today Time In India,Saudi Arabia: Ramadan 2018 has started from today that is on 15th May 2018 (Tuesday). Ramadan means the ninth holiest month of Muslims according to the Islamic calendar. Ramadan also refers as Ramazan which begin usually at the end of Shaban month. In Saudi Arabia, Ramazan will start from 16th May 2018 if the moon is sighted today on 15th May 2018.

Is the moon is sighted on Wednesday (16th May 2018) then Ramazan will start from 17th May 2018 in Saudi Arabia. Not only in Saudi Arabia but the crescent moon will also search in UAE, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey and Syria on 15th May 2018. We will soon update this web page about the Moon-Sighting for Ramadan 2018 Today or not so that you can wish Ramadan to each other by sending Ramadan wishes, greeting and messages via social media.

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Moonsighting For Ramadan 2018 Today Time In India, Saudi Arabia

Muslims observes dawn to dusk fast during Ramazan days. Peoples eat “Sehri “during Ramadan which is a term of meal. They eat Sehri in early morning before fasting. They break their fast at evening after sunset by consuming the meal known as “Iftar”. If you are thinking that Ramadan is all about being hungry then you are wrong because its main purpose is to attain the peace and purity to get closer to the “Allah”.

UAE Committee will meet Maghrib Prayer

For the purpose of Moon Sighting, the UAE Committee will meet today after doing the Maghrib Prayer so that they can declare the commencement date of Ramadan. In the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims also abstain from bad habits such as smoking and gambling in between sunrise to sunset. When the first crescent of the news moon is sighted once more time, it indicates the end of the Ramadan.

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Tonight Muslims in Saudi Arabia will see crescent moon in order to announce the date of Ramazan begins. If Moon-Sighting for Ramadan 2018 Today it means Ramadan holy month is going to be started from tomorrow in Saudi Arabia. During this holy month, Muslims is fasting for 30 days to grab prosperity and peace in the life.


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