National Dengue Day 2018 Causes, Effects, Symptoms and Tips


National Dengue Day 2018 Causes, Effects, Symptoms and Tips: Every year National Dengue Day is celebrated on 16th May 2018. Hence we can say today is National Dengue Day which is observed to raise the awareness about its conditions. Every Indian citizen must know about its causes, effects, Symptoms and Tips so that they can try to prevent themselves by doing some operations. Dengue is a vector borne disease which is very painful and hurting. Even Dengue means Life is in danger and doctor takes life risk by doing some helpful solutions.

National Dengue Day 2018 Causes, Effects, Symptoms and Tips

Mainly Dengue is caused by 1 of the 4 relative dengue viruses. Today is the National Dengue Day 2018. Approx 390 million peoples are infected by the dengue every year in all over the world. Dengue is infected by the bite of Aedes Mosquito which after that turned into fever with dengue virus. Also dengue fever is highly spreadable that can easily transmitted from one person to another.

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Dengue Symptoms

One of the most common Dengue Symptom is sudden and high fever. Dengue happens through the bite of Aedes Mosquito and dengue fever starts after 6 days approx to being infected with dengue virus. Other symptoms involves pain behind the eyes, Headaches, Joint and Muscle Pain, Vomiting and rashes on skin after and bleeding from nose and gums etc. Dengue is the worst condition of your body which also damage Lymph and Blood Vessels. At some cases, Dengue causes several deaths known as Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS).

We can do Dengue diagnosis via blood testing. The blood test report will help to check the viruses and antibodies in the body. The main purpose of National Dengue Day 2018 is to raise the awareness about the conditions. People who have weak immune system, risk of dengue are higher on that particular person. It may occur second time also in a person who have infected earlier by dengue which is more dangerous.


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