World Food Day 2018, 5 ways to combat hunger and malnutrition in world


World Food Day 2018:– 16th October is World Food Day, a day that FAO has designated to bring the attention to the governments and individuals which can help to fight hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity across the world.

World Food Day 2018: 5 ways to combat hunger and malnutrition on World Food Day:-

On Oct. 16, 1945, the representatives from 42 different countries gathered in Canada, to create the FAO. World Food Day celebrates the progress and also highlights the need to do more to fight hunger issues including food insecurity and malnutrition.

We all can help and support the cause of ending world hunger in world. Here are five simple ways to combat the issue of Hunger:-

  1. Donate food: One can help their local groups by donating food to the food banks and organizations.
  2. Raise awareness: – You can encourage people about the zero hunger Goal. You can tag your friends with #zerohunger on social media to spread the awareness.
  3. Waste less food: – The Most important action to be taken to create world without hunger is Wasting less food. Buy only what is needed, eat leftovers and use scarps are the three ways to waste less food.
  4. Volunteer time: – You can volunteer various food programs to create more Awareness to peoples, so giving time is a great way to help food security.
  5. Give money: – You can also help globally by donating money to fight hunger. The UN’s World Food Programme and Action against Hunger are organizations fighting world hunger.


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