Shweta Pandit accuses Anu Malik of sexual harassment #metoo


Shweta Pandit accuses Anu Malik of sexual harassment:- After Sona Mohapatra, another singer has come forward and accused Bollywood music-composer Anu Malik of being serial offender with her own #MeToo story.

#MeToo: Shweta Pandit accuses Anu Malik of sexual harassment:

After Sona Mohapatra accused Anu Malik for sexual Harassment, another singer with her own #MeToo story has come up about the Bollywood music-composer. Singer Shweta Pandit alleged Anu Malik of sexually harassing her when she was minor

In a Twitter Posts, Pandit has called Malik a “pedophile” and recounted her ordeal. She thanked Sona Mohapatra for calling him out and encouraged other victims to speak up.

In the long note, Shweta remember the incident from 2001 when she met Anu for work. She said she was an admirer of him and was thrilled when she got a call from Malik’s office to meet him at Andheri’s Empire Studio in mid 2001. Malik then asked Pandit to sing for a voice test. I sang well and he said to give the song with sunidhi and shaan but first I hav eto kiss him. He then smiled. I went numb and pale as I was only 15 years old then.


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