Bazaar Movie Review, Saif Ali Khan is the Strength of this Long Drawn Drama


Baazaar Movie Review :- Baazaar, directed by Gauravv K Chawla, is the kind of dull film that will require someone to take responsibility, and we should point fingers to the master who made The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s not that film copies but rather that this director is so obviously seduced by visualizations of great films about the stock market, that he rushes eagerly and without preparation onto the film making floor to try and join the legends.

Baazaar Movie Review, Saif Ali Khan is the Strength of this Long Drawn Drama:-

This greed is personally in the film by Saif Ali Khan as a cruel Gujarati manipulator. It is hard to believe him as a self-made man who studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Surat and knows no English, but Khan maintains a fine crustiness.

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Rohan Mehra son of memorable actor Vinod Mehra, plays roll as a young boy from Allahabad who flies up the steps of the stock broking world, in that grating way characters do when writers are lazy. The problem is not in the wonder-kid knowing everything, but in the way nobody around him seems to know anything. One such easily impressed associate is Radhika Apte, completely wasted in this film. Apte is lovely in mosaics and progressions set to music entering a room with style, throwing her top back and pleased, casting a side-eyed quick look but it hurts whenever she speaks, because the dialogue she’s given is pure cardboard.


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