We are Hiring

FactsKeeper.com is a News Media portal and consumer technology website that helps people in getting updated with latest news understanding and using technology in a better way. Currently, we are growing and getting a huge response from the audience, and growing rapidly. Our ultimate goal is to become world’s leading technology resources destination and Online News Media well-known now the brand in the tech industry.

We are currently looking for talented geeks who can write quality tech resources, stay updated with news around the world related to Tech and other stuff and publish first on our site.

The candidate will be responsible for regularly producing quality content, researching on newer ideas and testing out gadgets/apps sent by companies on day to day basis.


1. 0-2 years of experience in writing articles related to Technology, gadgets, News and Entertainment stuff.
2. Have good command over English language.
3. One who’s passionate about trying new apps, software, technology, etc.
4. Should be the one who keeps track of latest developments and news from the tech and Internet world.
5. Must be good at explaining things.
6. Content should not be used verbatim from a source (copy/paste) but rewritten. Quoting a section of the source is fine.

For more info Mail us at [email protected]